Pirate boy bedroom

We recently purchased bunk beds for our two children. They are still too young to sleep on bunk beds (much to the disappointment of my son) and are being used as two single beds for now. This meant I had to think of something cool to make a 'low' bed just as exciting! 

My solution: a pirate flag (which fits perfectly into the little hole left on the head board  where the pegs would fit in if it was a bunk bed). 

 This is really easy to make. 

All you need is some black and white material, a sewing machine and a dowel rod! 
Cut a rectangle for the flag, cut out a skull and bones which you sew onto the flag, sew a seam down one end which slides onto the dowel rod and in about half an hour you will have one very happy little pirate (who actually wants to go to bed in his pirate ship too)!

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