DIY Play Kitchen

I recently attended a workshop with Sam Scarborough of Kid's Decor Designs and she had a great idea of making play areas inside cupboards as space savers. I had this old cupboard in my bedroom as a child and it had been sitting in my parent's garage for years-I thought it needed an update, so this is what I did:

I sanded and sanded until it was ready to paint. I probably should have used a primer but I was too lazy to do that!
Then I painted it in Velvaglo Everest Blue, with blackboard paint on the outside panels.

I then painted the existing shelves white, replaced the top one with a narrower one and got hubby to make a hole for the basin. The stove was painted with blackboard paint. We added a tap and hooks for cups and now all that's missing are some knobs for the stove!

 On the inside of the door I put hooks which I got from the R5 store (I just painted them white) for aprons etc.

 I added a curtain and got some kitchen looking contact at Pep for the floor.

The other side of the cupboard is used to store all our art and craft supplies.

 This mini-kitchen has been a life-saver, we're lucky to have it in our kitchen so when I'm cooking my son joins in. He LOVES it! And I had so much fun making it too-so go look for a suitable cupboard to make over in your house.

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